My Story



Sup, internet. My name is JoAnna Brooker and I’m–

I just graduated from college, so my existential dread is at an all time high. I was a journalism/english major because I wanted to be a “writer”.  

I know–in this economy?

So I diversified my income.

I also write and perform standup (9 months babey!!!) write and perform poetry (sometimes), and I can be your copywriter/production assistant extraordinaire.

Just check out all the cool things I did in college.

I have been CupofJoAnna since I was 17, and I can never stop being her or I’ll lose her to other JoAnna’s (you know who you are). So I am here in all my branded glory, to write content for YOU.

This blog consists of monthly musings, advice columns, videos, and snippets of whatever has caught my attention at the moment. And in 2019, so much more.

For contact, you can e-mail me at